Carers emergency form

The Carers Emergency Card is a free service for carers of people living in Carmarthenshire.

Please complete all sections of the form

Carer details
Details of the person being cared for:
Emergency contact:
Do you have a person to contact in an emergency? *

You must ensure that the person(s) nominated has access to the property and will know what to do in an emergency

If you don't have a nominated person or the nominated person is unavailable, the Delta Wellbeing staff will contact social services, who will respond and ensure that alternative arrangements can be made for the person being cared for.

Information to share with the emergency services
Is the person you care for known to social care? *

Mobility - needs assistance with walking/getting around/uses a wheelchair *

Washing and dressing *

General day to day support (maybe confused or prone to agitation) *

Preparing food and drinks (are there any dietary needs?) *

Taking tablets or other medicines *

Other support that the person being cared for receives (please tell us about any services already in place e.g. home care/day care)
Please tell us anything else that may be useful in an emergency, including whether you have a pet and what you want us to do with it
Has the person being cared for given consent? *

Have all the nominees given consent? *

In order for us to provide a responsive service, it may be necessary for us to share this information with other agencies