Our team

There are a wide variety of roles available within Delta Wellbeing including TEC Officers, Advisors, Community Wellbeing Officers, Community Responders, digital support roles and many more.

Find out more and hear what our staff have got to say about what they love most about their jobs…

Delta Wellbeing Advisor

Key responsibilities include:

• Acting as a key member of the Delta Wellbeing team providing a high-quality, customer-focused service.

• Providing 24-hour cover to customers linked to the Delta Wellbeing service, to others linked to the Lone Worker system, and operating an Out-of-Hour's emergency call centre for departments across the authority and external partners.

• Supporting the monitoring of a wide range of Telehealth care equipment and other new technologies with high levels of accuracy.

"The Delta Wellbeing Advisor role is ever-changing and fast-paced, with each task approached differently from the last. The role offers the opportunity to use dynamism and interpersonal skills, whilst giving you a genuine feeling of fulfilment that you’re making a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals. The team are like-minded individuals, focused on having a positive impact on some of Wales’ most vulnerable. Providing this lifeline for our service users is extremely gratifying."

- Beckie, Senior Advisor

Customer Assistant

Key responsibilities include:

• Acting as a key member of a team providing a high quality, customer-focused service which provides an exemplar of best practice and is well positioned to attract new business.

• Providing 24-hour cover to customers linked to the Delta Wellbeing service, to others linked to the Lone Worker system, and operating an out-of-hours emergency call centre for departments across the authority, and for external partners.

• Supporting the monitoring of Telehealth and other new technologies with high levels of accuracy.

"The out-of-hours role is fast-paced with one day not being the same as the last. I have a sense of responsibility for every person who calls in with a query and finding a satisfactory solution for that person. I am very proud to be a part of Delta Wellbeing's team."

Ryan, Customer Assistant

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Officer

Key responsibilities include:

• Assessing the needs of clients to find out what different types of TEC equipment they could benefit from to enhance independent living for longer.

• Working closely with TEC specialists, professionals, community support services, clients and their families they are able to provide a range of TEC equipment tailored to suit individuals’ specific needs.

• Installing a wide range of TEC equipment into individual homes provides peace of mind for loved ones and their families that help is available 24/7, should they ever need it.

"I’ve worked as a TEC Officer for 11 years. I get a great deal of job satisfaction from my role because I can make a difference in people's lives. I have a very supportive team and really feel Delta as an organisation makes a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in our community."

- Leonora, TEC Officer

Community Response Team

Key responsibilities include:

• Assisting clients 24/7 with non-injurious falls at home through our Delta CONNECT service enabling them to avoid unnecessary hospital stays.

• Adapting to any given situation and providing a respectful and dignified service at all times, giving peace of mind to individuals and their families knowing that help is always on hand should it be needed.

• Working in partnership with the local health board to provide a new bridging service to support hospital wards and early discharges, taking patients home and providing them with essential care until their reablement care package is in place.

• Supporting the local ambulance service to help alleviate high demands for non-emergency falls at home.

"My job means I get to build trusted relationships with clients and their families and as a team, we quickly become familiar with their needs. For some, I may be the only face they see all day. Mine might be the only conversation that person has had in days. Covid has had a huge impact on vulnerable people within the community and loneliness has been at its worst. For me, it’s been the most rewarding time of my entire working life. As a team, we have gone above and beyond to try and make this time bearable for those who have needed us most and will continue to do so."

- Laura, Community Responder

Advisor (Information, Advice and Assistance)

Key responsibilities include:

• Single point of access for any adult social service enquiries within Carmarthenshire.

• Providing relevant and accurate Information, Advice and Assistance to clients to support people’s specific needs ensuring they receive the right help when they need it most.

• Promoting and encouraging independent living by referring to Third Sector organisations and other preventative services, such as Delta CONNECT, to enable a person to live at home independently with the support of a wide variety of assistive technology.

• Making referrals for additional statutory services as and when needed.

"What I love about my job is that I am able to support someone to make a difference in their current situation and help them gain the right tools for independent living."

- Kylie, IAA Advisor

Community Wellbeing Officer

Key responsibilities include:

• Supporting the Delta CONNECT service by making client assessments and then arranging TEC equipment installations.

• Conducting wellbeing calls to ensure the welfare and wellbeing of clients are monitored regularly and identifying additional needs at the earliest opportunity to prevent a crisis.

• Providing Information, Advice and Assistance about other local support services which may be of benefit and making referrals for further support, if needed.

• Working closely with our TEC team and other professionals to ensure clients receive the appropriate support when required.

"As a CWO, I am rewarded by the appreciation of the clients I help to remain safe and independent within their own homes. I have a high level of job satisfaction knowing that I am making a difference to people and offering safety and reassurance not only to clients but their families. I work in a supportive team who offers help and advice whenever needed. My line managers are very supportive, and I know that I can depend on them for advice and guidance."

- Louise, Community Wellbeing Officer

Digital Officer

Key responsibilities include:

• Supporting clients in using the latest digital technologies in their homes to monitor their health and keep in touch with friends and family.

• Working closely with team members to provide appropriate digital devices for clients, set them up and once they have been installed help clients get up and running.

• Supporting partners within health and social care to develop new services and digital solutions for clients.

"I really enjoy working with the Delta Wellbeing team and for me, the most rewarding part of it is when a client who has never used technology before starts using our devices to talk to their family on WhatsApp or join an online group of friends."

- Gareth, Digital Officer