Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about the installation and use of our lifelines.

Who is Llesiant Delta Wellbeing?

Formerly Carmarthenshire County Council’s Careline service, which had been in operation for over 30 years, Delta Wellbeing is now a Local Authority Trading Company and is still wholly owned by the council.

Delta Wellbeing ensures all customers receive the best response and support through a fully bilingual call monitoring service.

Lifeline information

We aim to install it as soon as possible after receiving your request. Once your application is fully completed, most alarms can be installed within 10 working days of our installation team receiving your request/referral.

Yes. Anyone can apply for the service and a discussion over the level of service required and its suitability to individual needs will determine how the application is dealt with.

  1. A telephone landline, internet router or mobile signal: Our equipment works with analogue or digital telephone systems.  If you have no telephone landline or internet connection, we have a SIM-only lifeline option that we will test and connect to the strongest mobile provider possible.
  2. Power source: Our lifelines must be plugged into a power socket.
  3. Accessibility: We will ensure that the lifeline is as accessible as possible, especially in areas where accidents or emergencies are more likely to occur, such as the living room or bedroom.
  4. Emergency contacts: We do ask that you have at least one emergency contact available for our advisers to contact in case of an emergency.
  5. Testing: We will thoroughly test all of the equipment through to our monitoring centre during install. After installation, we recommend testing your lifeline once a month to ensure it works properly.

After the alarm is installed, you will be issued a pendant that can be worn around your neck or on a wrist strap. If help is needed, press the button, and one of our advisers will answer your call. They will phone your contacts to arrange help or emergency services if necessary. Other sensors and equipment are available, and should your TEC assessment recommend other items, you will be shown how to use them by the TEC officer carrying out the installation.

The latest prices can be found on this page.

Yes, it will work in most gardens, but the installer will check the range for you. If our advisors are unable to hear you through the lifeline unit because you are outside the property, they will ask our responders to attend, or if no responders are available, they will call your nominated contacts or the police to carry out a welfare call.

Yes. Press the pendant once a month and tell the adviser you are testing it. It would be best if you also informed us of any changes in your or your contact’s details.

Don’t worry! Just tell the adviser you are okay and that you pressed it by mistake, and it will act as a good test call.

You can phone us on 0300 333 2222, and we will arrange a maintenance call.

In most areas of the house, our advisors will hear you but if not, they will phone you first before calling for an appropriate responder.

Yes, your pendant is shower-resistant; however, they cannot be submerged in water, so please do not wear in the bath.

When leaving for holiday, press your lifeline alarm and inform us that you are going away and the date you will return, along with any specific instructions. If you require equipment to support you when you are away from home, please get in touch, and we can look at the best option for you.

Digital Switchover

You can read more about the digital switchover here.

For most people, the digital switch will have no impact on their lifeline. We have been preparing for the switch for many years, and all our lifelines in the community are digitally compatible. This means it is a simple switch from the telephone to the router.

We offer a SIM-only lifeline unit that doesn't require a router. When using a SIM, it connects to the strongest signal from four main mobile companies and continuously seeks the best connection. These units are not affected by the switchover, and customers don't need to take any action. If the digital lifelines are connected to the router, they will automatically switch to the SIM card and continue to operate in the event of a power cut.

If your lifeline is still connected to your telephone line, it will work for up to 24 hours.

If your lifeline is connected to your router, you should ask your telephony provider if they provide routers with battery back-ups to support your telehealth equipment.  

Our SIM-only lifeline has a 24-hour battery back-up. You can also ask your telephone provider for a free battery back-up; ensure it's always charged.