Live the life you want with Delta CONNECT

Delta CONNECT is an enhanced lifeline and telecare service funded by Welsh Government’s Health and Social Care Regional Integration Fund (RIF), through the West Wales Regional Partnership Board. 

The first of its kind in Wales, it has transformed the way social care is being delivered across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, implementing a model of self-help and pro-active care, utilising Technology Enabled Care (TEC), which is at the heart of the project, to improve wellbeing and helping people to stay independent for longer.

What is Delta CONNECT?

Delta CONNECT focuses on prevention and early intervention through a technological and digital approach, providing a full wrap-around service to customers which will identify potential health and wellbeing issues at the earliest opportunity ensuring the right support is provided at the right time, and reducing demands on long-term or acute health and social care services. 

It includes a specialist response service and flexible support packages tailored towards an individual’s specific needs to help them live independently for as long as possible utilising the latest Technology Enabled Care (TEC). 

It includes:

A wellbeing assessment is carried out to identify what level of support the customer requires to live well and establish what their priorities are, for example, food shopping, loneliness, social interaction, and managing a health condition.

Flexible Technology Enabled Care (TEC) support packages are tailored towards an individual’s specific needs, these can include red button lifelines, fall detectors, GPS tracking devices, door sensors and medication dispensers to remind someone when their medication is due and other useful equipment, providing individuals and their loved ones with complete peace of mind 24/7 all year round.

Regular wellbeing calls are carried out to support wellbeing and welfare needs. These calls could be weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on specific needs.

Supporting non-medical emergencies such as non-injurious falls and welfare needs. The response team is available 24/7 and provides customers and their families with reassurance knowing help is always available should they ever need it. 

We can help you to take part in activities that are important to your wellbeing, for example, identifying and providing support to attend community groups of interest such as gardening or dancing groups etc or by connecting with like-minded individuals. We can also support you to keep in touch with family and friends helping with loneliness and isolation.

Contact us

For more information, get in touch with one of our friendly advisors at 0300 333 2222 or complete our referral form. This could be a self-referral, via a family member or through a social care or health professional.

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