Get ready for Spring with Delta Anywhere

Spring is a season that means new beginnings, to step outside and enjoy the fresh air while embracing the beauty of nature. For some, it's an opportunity to reconnect with the outdoors through gardening, walking, or simply soaking up the sunshine.  

Research shows that spending time in nature significantly benefits physical and mental health, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving overall mood and wellbeing. 

Ideas to help boost your mental wellbeing: 

  • Try and relax and reduce stress 

  • Take a break if you need to 

  • Do something you enjoy 

  • Focus on the present  

  • Make a self-care kit 

  • Find ways to learn and be creative 

  • Spend time in nature  

  • Spend time with animals  

  • Connect with others 

Ideas to help boost your physical wellbeing: 

  • Drink water regularly  

  • Think about what you eat  

  • Try to keep active  

  • Try to improve your sleep  

  • Establish a routine  

  • Try to make your sleeping environment comfortable 

All these tips and more information on how to improve your mental and physical health are available for you to read on the Mind website.  

As we welcome spring, it's also important to prioritise our safety and peace of mind and with Delta Anywhere, you can achieve it at the touch of a button, no matter where you are. 

Delta Wellbeing offers a range of services to support your health and wellbeing, including personal alarms, telecare, and assistive technology. With 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured that help is always just a call away. We are here for you 365 days of the year, always reliable and ready to assist in an emergency. 

Delta Anywhere takes things further by providing on-the-go support with built-in GPS and fall detector. Whether you're out for a walk, running errands, or enjoying the fresh air, Delta Anywhere can give you reassurance by alerting our monitoring centre if you need help. 

Our Delta Anywhere alarm is available as part of our Delta CONNECT package, which provides flexible Technology-Enabled Care packages tailored to your individual needs. It includes lifeline alarms, fall detectors, GPS tracking devices, door sensors, medication dispensers, and other useful equipment for around-the-clock monitoring and support. 

You will also have access to our 24/7 community response team to support non-medical emergencies such as non-injurious falls and welfare needs. 

We will carry out a wellbeing assessment when you sign up to establish what level of support you need; and you will receive regular proactive wellbeing calls and other support to help you take part in activities that are important for your wellbeing. 

Signing up is easy and you can enjoy the freedom to live on your terms, knowing you have the support when needed. It's about empowering you to live life worry-free, putting you in control of your wellbeing. 

So why not take the first step towards a worry-free spring and sign up today? We are here to help you enjoy life to the fullest with peace of mind at your fingertips. 

Sign up online or give our friendly team a call on 0300 333 2222. Delta CONNECT is available to residents living in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion.