Helping our vulnerable residents this bonfire night

November 5th is a time of celebration, with people gathering with family and friends to enjoy fireworks.
But not everyone is able to enjoy the festivities, and for some the loud noises, bright lights and smoke can be a frightening experience.
It is important that we think of others at this time of year, particularly the older and more vulnerable residents in our communities.
Every year the police launch their Op Bang campaign to help clamp down on the anti-social behaviour associated with bonfire night and to encourage people to behave responsibly.

Noise and disturbance

Impact: The loud sounds and bright lights from fireworks can cause anxiety, distress and sleep disruption, affecting overall wellbeing. 
Support: Be considerate of your older neighbours when celebrating by informing them in advance and offering assistance to ensure their comfort during the festivities.

Respiratory health

Impact: Smoke from bonfires can worsen breathing problems, especially in the elderly who often experience respiratory issues.
Support: To decrease air pollution during a bonfire, choose a well-ventilated location and use smokeless fuel.

Emotional wellbeing

Impact: Individuals who fear loud noises may isolate themselves during celebrations, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.
Support: It is important to check on elderly neighbours before and after festivities, providing reassurance. 

We urge people to enjoy the festivities safely and consider how it can cause alarm or distress to others.