Support for young carers – Young Carers Action Day

In these unprecedented times, it can be difficult for young carers to balance their caring responsibilities with their everyday lives. According to Carers Trust, 45% of young carers ‘always’ or ‘usually’ struggle to balance caring with education and/or paid work. 

Fortunately, help and resources are available to support carers of all ages. Carers Trust offers a wide range of resources and information for anyone who works with carers. Find out more at

Delta Wellbeing also provides a range of assistive technology, 24/7 monitoring and response to support carers and their loved ones. 


Carers emergency card 

At Delta Wellbeing, we can support Carmarthenshire residents to receive a carers emergency card. Carers can carry a ‘purse or wallet size’ card, which contains a unique ID and emergency response number. The card informs others that the holder cares for someone at home who cannot manage without help. Should the carer become involved in an accident/emergency or is taken seriously ill, other people and emergency services will know that the person they care for needs help. These are available to carers of all ages. 

Download a registration form here


Assistive technology 

Some types of assistive technology systems that can help support vulnerable people include: 



Depending on your needs, sensors can provide enhanced safety measures which can be particularly helpful for people who may wander. We also provide useful fall and epilepsy sensors, supporting users to manage their conditions. This helps improve the individual’s confidence in knowing that help will always be at hand when needed and can go through to our 24/7 monitoring centre. 



Our lifeline alarm is one of our most popular services and is likely to be the best place to start. If your loved one feels unwell, suffers a fall or needs other support, they can touch a button on a wristband or pendant to raise the alarm. This alerts a member of our 24/7 monitoring team, who will help you by assessing the situation and taking appropriate action; such as contacting a family member, or emergency services. Our wellbeing advisors always stay on the line until help has been arranged. 


24/7 response 

Delta Wellbeing’s CONNECT service provides a 24/7 response service for you and your loved ones. Our friendly responders can attend to your loved one’s home at the touch of a button to check on them or assist with non-injurious falls. The service is available in Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion. 



Modern solutions that can support people include reminder clocks which can help prompt people to do daily tasks. Also, automatic pill reminders and dispensers are useful tools to ensure they never forget their medication. These tools can be readily adapted to specific needs to make them as straightforward as possible. 


To conclude 

Our key aim at Delta Wellbeing is to help and support people to live independently at home for as long as possible. For further information or advice, please call one of our specially trained advisors on 0300 333 2222.