Fulfilled Lives service Case Study 2

The Fulfilled Lives project supports those living with dementia and cognitive impairment to maintain their independence and stay connected to their communities. The aim is to put people at the centre of provision and to make sure that support is not only tailored to the individual but utilises the assets of the community and wider support networks for a holistic support approach.

Traditional services often tend to focus on physical care rather than emotional, social or economic wellbeing - this project embeds prevention at its core and promotes independent living though a structured and evidence-based approach.

Read our latest case studies to find out how innovative Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is helping transforming individual’s lives and keep them independent for longer…

Mair’s story…

Dementia sufferer *Mair is 99 year’s old and lives alone at her home in Burry Port. She suffers with dementia and other health conditions including COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), depression and kidney issues. Mair smokes heavily and is at risk of falls. Living alone, she also experiences some loneliness and likes to socialise as much as possible.

Due to her risk of falls, Mair was provided with a lifeline and fall detector. The fall detector can be worn on her wrist as a precautionary measure in case she doesn’t remember to press the standard lifeline button due to short-term memory loss.

As a smoker, smoke alarms and a CO alarm have also been installed at her home to further enhance her general safety, giving her family peace of mind.

To combat any loneliness she may feel, Mair is assisted by her Fulfilled Lives carer who helps her with her lunch, to access the community and get out to socialise through using taxi’s. Mair is able to do this independently if she wishes, or her carer is always on hand to help whenever she needs it ensuring Mair’s specific welfare needs are continually being met.


*Names have been changes for the purpose of these case studies, but all stories are genuine.

Tom’s story…

Tom is 87 year’s old and lives alone in Llanelli with deteriorating memory through dementia. Tom has a lifeline and pendant in case of any emergencies. He also has home safety alarms, smoke alarms, a CO alarm and a heat sensor in case he leaves any pans cooking to boil dry.  In addition, he utilises a dementia clock to assist him to tell the time and know what day and date it is, which he finds very useful.

Although Tom’s health has declined more recently, through the help of his Fulfilled Lives carer, Tom remains as sociable as possible as she assists him to attend a local Day Centre regularly each week to catch up with his friends, which he thoroughly enjoys. Tom also has two calls every day for domiciliary care to ensure his personal and domestic needs are met each week, keeping him independent for longer in the home he loves.

*Names have been changes for the purpose of these case studies, but all stories are genuine.