How Carmarthenshire’s CONNECT service brought Beryl and her family together during COVID-19

How Carmarthenshire’s CONNECT  service brought Beryl and her family together during COVID-19

94-year-old *Beryl from Pontyberem had been using the Lifeline home unit and pendant for a few years to enable her to safely live in her own home.

It reassured her family that help was always at hand, but when the first Covid-19 lockdown began in April 2020, her son *David and daughter-in-law *Linda jumped at the chance to access more services from Delta CONNECT for Beryl.

When Delta CONNECT offered her a tablet to contact family, Beryl was very unsure, declaring, ‘I’ll never be able to use that!’ But she soon got the hang of things after the demonstration session, which Linda and David also attended.

The tablets are set up to ensure that users can easily access the apps that they will use most. Beryl uses it for WhatsApp calls to her grandson, who moved to Canada just before lockdown. They have always enjoyed a very close relationship and just being able to see his face as they talk has been wonderful.


Linda said: “The Lifeline system is invaluable because it gives peace of mind to Beryl and us. She has used it a few times when she has felt dizzy, fallen or had a mini-stroke and only takes it off to shower. We live nearby and can get to her within 15 minutes, but if we’re planning a break away, we can register other family members who can be notified if needed.”


As part of the CONNECT service, Beryl has also received regular wellbeing calls from the Delta team via the tablet, giving Linda and her family peace of mind when they can’t be there, especially during lockdowns.

“Adding the tablet and wellbeing calls reassures Beryl that somebody is looking out for her. We support her with her everyday needs, but she really likes a chinwag, so the calls are definitely more of a social thing for her,” said Linda.

“The service has been a godsend for three generations of our family. When Delta provided a tablet, my mother-in- law was apprehensive and unsure as to how she’d get on with it - but it didn’t take long!


“She enjoys lovely video calls with her grandson. She can also listen to her favourite music on YouTube and since Delta installed a gallery on her tablet, she spends hours looking through family photos. It's been so positive for her and for us.”

Beryl, who has macular degeneration and mobility problems has maintained a good degree of independence at home thanks to her wheeled trolley and telecare services through Delta Wellbeing. The CONNECT service has enabled this to continue throughout lockdown thanks to Delta Wellbeing’s pro-active approach.

*Names have been anonymised