Pembrokeshire’s CONNECT service helped terminal cancer sufferer stay connected with loved one during Covid

Pembrokeshire’s CONNECT service provided vital digital support to a terminal cancer sufferer during Covid, ensuring he was able to keep in touch virtually with his beloved wife, when it mattered the most.

Sadly, *Mr Davies had received a cancer diagnosis 12 months previous and as a result, was moved to a nursing home 55 miles from where the couple lived with their two cats.

With their home being in a remote and isolated part of Pembrokeshire, they decided to join the CONNECT service, where they would be provided with lifeline equipment, which is monitored 24/7, as part of the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) package, wellbeing calls, and a GDS tablet through its digital support provision.

Following a demo session with one of Delta Wellbeing’s Tech Officers, *Mrs Davies said she now felt “confident” using the digital tablet independently, as her husband was usually “the techy one”.

This enabled the couple to keep in touch virtually while her husband was in the nursing home, during a time family visits were not permitted because of Covid. The couple greatly enjoyed using the tablet and would use it to speak daily.


Mrs Davies told us, “We are both so, so eternally grateful to you and all the team. Being with Delta Wellbeing at this time has made all the difference. We can’t thank you enough.”


Sadly, soon after, Mr Davies’ condition deteriorated further and following another hospital scan, it was confirmed the cancer had, unfortunately, spread and the couple were told his life expectancy was “weeks or possibly days.” They were devastated.

Following the heart-breaking news, Mr Davies was moved into a more suitable room in the nursing home, but it did not have wifi access, meaning he was unable to use his laptop or phone to contact his wife. He felt down and lonely.

This situation was brought to the attention of the Delta team through a wellbeing call with Mrs Davies. This led to the team contacting the nursing home to see what options were available to continue to support the family at this vital time.

It was agreed to place a CONNECT wifi router in Mr Davies’ new room and provide him with a digital tablet to allow the couple to continue their much-loved video calls, during his final weeks. A Tech Officer then visited the nursing home to install the new equipment and it worked successfully.

The couple were “thrilled” and that weekend, they enjoyed daily video chats where Mr Davies got to see his beloved cats and garden once again.


He said, “I can’t believe you have been so kind. You don’t know what this means to me.”


Through the collaboration with Pembrokeshire County Council and Delta Wellbeing, this ensured the couple could stay in touch during his final days and enabled the nursing home to implement the End of Life Policy as set out by the local authority, allowing face-to-face contact during Mr Davies’ final days.

*Names have been anonymised