The daughter of a Ceredigion CONNECT client has described the support provided through the 24/7 service as a “Godsend” for her mum, who had experienced several falls at home.

*Lowri’s 70-year-old mum was signposted to the CONNECT service in May 2021, by one of Delta Wellbeing’s Tech Officers who had visited her home to install additional Technology Enabled Care (TEC) equipment, as the result of numerous falls at home.

Whilst there, Lowri shared her concerns about her mum having experienced falls “more frequently” in recent times.

The Tech Officer then advised about the CONNECT service and what support the family could receive, including access to a 24/7 Community Response Team to assist with any falls, regular wellbeing calls, digital support and TEC equipment tailored to her mum’s specific needs.


Lowri said, “After hearing about the CONNECT service, we immediately thought this would be a wonderful option for Mum, so decided to join.”


As part of the CONNECT TEC equipment support, Lowri’s mum has been provided with a falls detector which can be worn on her wrist. She wears the device every day bringing peace of mind to both herself and family that help is available, if she ever needed it, day and night.

Lowri said, “When mum has fallen previously, she has a tendency to bang her head and would not remember to press her pendant alarm. With her having a falls detector, this means it will automatically trigger she has fallen and assistance will be sent out straight away, giving us peace of mind.”


Lowri said one of the highlights of the CONNECT service has meant it has enabled her mum to continue to live independently at home.


“My mum has always been an independent woman,” explained Lowri. “If she was ever made to leave her home, she would not survive. So, having this service has meant she is able to stay at home to live independently. As a family, we can’t thank Delta CONNECT enough for the high level of service provided and the reassurance it brings to us all. We are forever grateful.”

*Names have been anonymised