Out-of-hours emergency FAQs

We've created a frequently asked questions page that provides essential information and guidance for your local authority or housing association during non-standard operating hours.

After your local authority/housing association has closed, all emergency out-of-hours calls have been transferred to us, for example, during the evening/night, weekends, bank holidays or training days.

We are only responsible for answering your enquiries regarding your emergency on behalf of your local authority or housing association.

Each organisation has its own set of rules and regulations regarding emergencies and timescales. Delta Wellbeing must adhere to these, and we do not have any control over them or cannot change them.

Please visit your local authority/housing association website to find out more.

Once we have your details, our advisers will log your call and contact the relevant contractor, who will attend to your property. Every call is treated as an emergency; however, we cannot estimate arrival time. Each type of emergency has its own response time, and there is no prioritisation.

After your housing association or local authority has closed, you can call us on 0300 333 2222; alternatively, you can fill out our online emergency form here.

During the out-of-hours period, we answer calls on behalf of several local authorities and housing associations. It can get busy during certain periods, such as adverse weather or bank holidays.

Every call is important to us, but due to the nature of emergencies, this can sometimes cause a delay.

We are in the process of improving our phone lines, and we have introduced an online form that you can fill in instead of phoning on waiting on the line.

We need you to provide us with a brief description of the emergency, personal details such as name, address and contact details. Some of our housing associations require answers to security questions so that we can identify you on our systems.

Emergencies that are actually or potentially dangerous or present a serious health risk. They will affect your home's structure or security and must be addressed immediately to eliminate the risk to you, others, or your home.

If there is any immediate threat to life, please call 999.

Please note that depending on the nature of your emergency repair, the contractor may carry out a temporary fix or make your home safe until normal business hours.

Gas supplies are generally capped for safety reasons, typically if a property has been emptied for a long time or there is a gas leak.

Unfortunately, uncapping your gas outside regular business hours would not be considered an emergency.

To have your gas uncapped, you must contact your local authority or housing association during regular business hours to book an appointment.

Unfortunately, we cannot create future appointments as this would not be classed as an emergency.

You will need to call your local authority/housing association the next working day.

Any repair work that is your responsibility or results from damage caused by your actions, accidentally or deliberately, will be classed as a rechargeable repair.

Again, this is out of our control, and these costs depend on your local authority/housing association.

We will not ask you to make payment when reporting the repair. However, your local authority/housing association will discuss the recharge with you.

We can escalate this further to the appropriate manager for your housing association/local authority. It will then be up to them to decide what to do next. We will be advised and will inform you of the decision of the manager.