Patients using technology said they found monitoring their health became a part of their normal daily routine, and they would take their readings more regularly.

Teulu Jones, the Jones Family, is not a real family but based on health and well-being information about people living in our communities at different stages of their life. Hywel Dda UHB use the family lens to test and think about changes to our health and care system and what they could mean for families in our area now, and in the future.

Alun is one of Hywel Dda UHB’s Teulu Jones family members. Alun is 80 years old. He is husband to Mari and a retired electrician. He has a history of Ischaemic Heart Disease and Diabetes. Alun started using his wearable device earlier this year following advice from his health professional. Keeping active has always been really important to Alun. Setting activity goals which he can monitor keeps him motivated to complete his daily walk to the local shop to get the newspaper. He really enjoys getting the feedback on how he is doing.

Speaking about how the wearable device has been supporting him, Alun said:

“Monitoring my health from home gives me reassurance. It makes me more aware of how active I am and prompts me to move about more often. I know that my healthcare professional can look at my activity to better understand my activities and to see changes in what I do that will help with the support that I get.”