Out-of-hours emergency

This form is for emergencies only when your local authority or housing association is closed.

If you are unsure what is an emergency, please refer to your local authority or housing association website before completing the form. For non-emergency issues, please contact your housing provider during regular office hours. 

After the form has been completed and we have all the information required, our advisors will pass the emergency repair to the on-call contractor, who will attend. We will only call you after completing the form if we need further information. 

Please note that we cannot provide an estimated arrival time as each local authority or housing association contractor is on-call and will attend as soon as they can.

For all other enquiries, please use our general enquiry form.

**We do not tolerate abusive behavior or language. Any customer engaging in such conduct will have their call/enquiry terminated immediately, with no further escalation.

Out-of-hours emergency form

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Heating/boiler emergency repairs during summer months

Please be aware that your local authority or housing association has set boiler repair guidelines for the summer months.
Delta Wellbeing follows its guidelines; if there are any issues, don't hesitate to contact your local authority or housing association.

What sort of boiler do you have?

Are there any vulnerabilities in the property?

*Any conditions that may affect the work being carried out within the property to inform the contractors before entering etc.
Bron Afon requires further security, please ONLY complete your set of security questions