Digital Switchover: important information about your lifeline

Delta Wellbeing’s TEC officers are out in the community making sure that customer equipment is ready for the digital switchover.

BT has announced that by the end of 2025, all analogue telephones will be upgraded to a digital system.  

Delta Wellbeing has been preparing for the switch for some time, making sure that all equipment and the company infrastructure are ready for the transition, having appointed CGI as its digital transformation partner to lead the digitisation of its telecare platform.

The transition from analogue to digital is important because analogue technology is becoming outdated, and digital technology offers more benefits, such as increased reliability, better quality, and greater flexibility.

Digital technology also allows for more efficient and cost-effective care, which can benefit both customers and users.

Head of Technologies Paul Faulkner said: “We understand that the digital switchover may sound frightening and scary to some of our customers, but all our staff are here to help and advise. The team can provide customers with a better understanding of the digital switchover and reassure them that the switchover will not happen all at once.”

The digital switchover will mean that from 2025, customers will no longer be able to plug their landline phone into their socket on the wall, but it will be connected to a broadband router instead.

Paul added: “Don’t worry if you don’t have broadband in your home. Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, has stated that there will be no additional fee to change to digital, as providers must offer a basic internet connection.” 

What do you need to do?

For most customers, you do not need to take any action. Instead, your telephone provider will contact you when the work is being carried out in your area. 

If you have a lifeline alarm that connects to the telephone socket, you will need to let your telephone provider know that you use Technology Enabled Care so that it can be reconnected to the digital network using an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA). 

Customers who use any of the following equipment, DO NOT need to take any action, as these devices are not connected to your telephone landline:

•    Lifeline GSM (Smart Hub)   
•    Tunstall Go 
•    Care Assist pager system
•    CPR Guardian watch

If you have any further questions about the digital switchover, please email or call 0300 333 2222.