Ceredigion CONNECT client says her digital tablet is fantastic and uses it daily

A Ceredigion CONNECT client says the digital tablet she received as part of the service has been a “fantastic support” to her and she uses it every day.

*Mrs Jones, aged 80, who lives alone, joined the Delta CONNECT service in October 2020.

In addition to wellbeing calls, access to a 24/7 Community Response Team and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) equipment, she felt she would really benefit from the digital support as part of the service, so was provided with her own tablet.

Although new to such technology, and a bit apprehensive at first, Mrs Jones said she finds the tablet “very easy” to use and uses it every day.


“I’m not very good with technology,” she said, “but I find the tablet very easy to use. The apps are big enough to see and I don’t find using them complicated at all.”


Mrs Jones said she makes sure she charges her tablet every morning, so she can use it in the afternoon and evening to do her favourite crosswords.

She said: “By doing my crosswords on the tablet, I find it really helps keep my mind busy, which is very important to me.”


Speaking about the impact the service has made on her life, she added, “I think the CONNECT service is fantastic and would highly recommend it to others.”


*Names have been anonymised