Ceredigion dementia sufferer avoid unnecessary hospital stays,

“We are so grateful for the wonderful service you provide,” - the humble words of a Ceredigion carer whose husband with dementia had experienced several falls at home, resulting in ambulance calls.

*Mr and Mrs Evans joined the CONNECT service in December 2020 due to Mr Evans’ deteriorating dementia, which was causing him to fall at home, leading to several hospital trips. Mrs Evans also has multiple health conditions.

Through the service, the couple gained access to a 24/7 Community Response Team to assist with any future falls, wellbeing calls, digital support, help to re-engage with the community and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) equipment providing additional support day and night, at the touch of a button.

Speaking about the impact on her husband having to be taken away from the familiarity of his home to attend hospital after each fall, she said this had affected his wellbeing, leaving him feeling “confused” as to where he was and causing more distress.

Since joining CONNECT, Mr Evans has fallen on several occasions at home and the 24/7 Community Response team has been on hand to assist, avoiding any further unnecessary hospital stays, unless required.


Speaking about the help received through the wrap around support service, Mrs Evans said, “Now we have CONNECT, I feel completely reassured that if myself, or husband, needed emergency assistance, we could rely on Delta Wellbeing to get that help as soon as possible."


“When we have needed their help after my husband has fallen, they do not leave until they know we are both okay. The team is always very polite, friendly and calm and always make me a cup of tea, every time they call. The support we have received to date has been absolutely wonderful and we always have peace of mind knowing the response team is available to attend 24/7, if we need them.”

Mr and Mrs Evans also receive wellbeing calls every Wednesday. Mrs Evans enjoys the weekly calls and said it was “nice to speak to someone different” and
that the couple felt “reassured” knowing the team is always there for them, if they ever needed.

She added, “We are very grateful for the service provided and don’t know where we’d be without it. I feel my husband has a good quality of life now and he is happy that I’m able to care for him at home. I would highly recommend CONNECT as it helps to allow people to stay at home independently and the level of service is wonderful.”

*Names have been anonymised