Pembrokeshire’s CONNECT service offers “great peace of mind” for 80-year-old mum, caring for son with brain injury

An 80-year-old Pembrokeshire carer, who has been looking after her son following a brain injury leaving him prone to falls, has described the CONNECT service as giving her “great peace of mind.”

*Mrs Edwards has been the main carer for her 61-year-old son following a severe car accident some years ago which left him with a permanent brain injury. In January 2021, due to her age and deteriorating health, Mrs Edwards felt she needed additional support to care for his needs as his health was also deteriorating and he had experienced falls at home, more frequently.


She said, “I have always been the one to help my son off the floor when he has had a fall, but due to my deteriorating health, I have found it very hard lately and am no longer strong enough to help him up and needed more support.”


Sharing her concerns with a friend, she advised Mrs Edwards to contact Delta Wellbeing about the regional CONNECT service to discuss her options. After contacting the team, Mrs Edwards was directed to the Information, Advice and Assistance (IAA) service where she had a full assessment of her needs.

Following this, Mrs Edwards signed up to the CONNECT service, providing access to a 24/7 Community Response Team, that could assist if her son fell at home as well as regular wellbeing calls, to ensure she was feeling okay and if any other needs were identified, these could be supported at the earliest opportunity.

The service also included digital support, help to re-engage with the community and the installation of Technology Enabled Care (TEC) lifeline equipment, providing round-theclock help, should the family ever need it.

Mrs Edwards said, “Since CONNECT, I have great peace of mind now, knowing if my son was to fall, I would not have to struggle to help him up by myself. He has fallen three times already and the Community Response team has attended each time to help us. Previously, I have had to call an ambulance due to him needing medical assistance.”


Speaking about the peace of mind provided by her Lifeline equipment, she told us, “As soon as the lifeline was installed, I felt a lot better and have been able to rest more, knowing all I have to do is press the red button, if I need help any time.”


Mrs Edwards has also been receiving weekly wellbeing calls. “I really enjoy these calls. I feel as though there is someone there who cares about the wellbeing of me and my son. Since my son’s brain injury, he’s unable to have a conversation, so when I have these calls each week from Delta, it’s really nice to have a chat with people. I’m so grateful for the support we’ve received through CONNECT. It’s made an impact in our life for the good.”

*Names have been anonymised