A Pembrokeshire Delta CONNECT client, who cares for the husband, expressed her gratitude for the “great peace of mind” she has following the support the couple has received through the service.

*Mrs Rees, who has health issues, cares for her autistic husband who also has COPD. The couple had recently moved into the area prior to the lockdown and were feeling isolated.

With no immediate family or friends living nearby, she was concerned about the health and
safety of herself and husband should they be taken ill, especially with the risk of the COVID-19 virus.

The couple were referred to Delta Wellbeing following an initial care assessment. As a result, they were provided with an individual support plan tailored to their specific needs, including a lifeline, key safe and signed up to the CONNECT project which includes tailored Technology Enabled Care (TEC) packages.


As part of the CONNECT package, the couple were provided with regular wellbeing calls to support their wellbeing and welfare needs.


They now have access to wider wellbeing support and activities to engage with the local community to help them overcome isolation, virtually currently, but physically in the long term.

This helps them keep in touch with friends, family, other carers, community groups and
by connecting like-minded individuals via a digital tablet through the new Connect to Wellbeing app.

They can also access relevant local support pathways to ensure they receive the right help when they need it.

In addition, they have access to a 24/7 Community Response service supporting non-injurious falls and welfare needs, giving them complete peace of mind knowing help is always available should they ever need it.

Mrs Rees also received assistance with her husband’s shielding letter, Carers Card, essential food parcels and have been able to access information to assist with the maintenance of her husband’s electric-powered wheelchair during a pro-active wellbeing call.


“I want to thank Delta CONNECT for all your support,” said Mrs Rees.


“I’m so grateful to have someone to talk to and for the emotional support provided when my
husband was unwell. I have great peace of mind through the help and equipment provided which has led to us to reduce our initial weekly wellbeing calls to monthly now. It’s also good to know we can increase these calls again if we need to.”

Following the installation of the TEC equipment at their home, neighbours also expressed an interest in accessing the CONNECT service.

*Names have been anonymised