Your plan options

Both plans are equipped with Delta Lifeline for 24/7 safety and peace of mind. safety and peace of mind at your fingertips

Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire only


£32 installation fee
and from £6.99 per week
Sign up for CONNECT today for a flexible support package that includes a wellbeing assessment, proactive well-being calls, well-being support and activities, and 24/7 community response service.

Delta Lifeline

£50 one off set up fee (excluding VAT)
and from £5.07 per week
Enjoy peace of mind anytime by using Delta Lifeline. With just a click, you can have immediate assistance 24/7, whether you opt for a single pendant or a twin pendant for added security. However, please note that Delta Lifeline does not include a response team.